Monday, May 21, 2007

Drive Your Dream With Secured Car Loan

To buy a car, the funds required may not be affordable for you to pay as a lump sum. But purchasing a car may be more of a necessity to you than a luxury. In such a situation, the most feasible option seems to be secured car loan. With the help of secured car loan, the borrower can fulfill his need and also not feel any burden of the same.

Any asset of the borrower like a house can act as security for the secured car loan. Most of the times, the car that is being financed acts as the security. When the deal is closed, the papers of the car are kept by the lender of the secured car loan though the borrower can use the car meanwhile. When the whole repayment of the secured car loan is done, the papers of the car are returned to the borrower.

The amount that is approved under the secured car loan is below the value of the car. So first of all, the borrower should know the price of the car. The repayment capacity and value of property placed as collateral also determine the amount of the secured car loan. Usually secured car loan are to be returned in short period of 5 to 7 years.

Benefits of availing a secured car loan can be listed as below:

• The interest on secured car loan is low.

• The repayment term provided is also comfortable for repayment of the loan

• Bad credit people can also avail secured car loan

Online search for a secured car loan can prove to be very fruitful as the rates offered by online lenders are less due to severe competition in financial market. Thorough comparison of quotes and terms and conditions helps in getting a good deal.

Secured car loan can help borrowers in purchasing a car without it being a burden on the borrower as the repayment can be made in small monthly installments. The car serves a dual purpose of acting as a security and also helps in daily usage.

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