Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jewelry Store Financing Through Unsecured Loans

Cost and quality are the many concerns of any jewelry buyer. Very often we don't want to lose out on quality just to save a few dollars. Unless you have been saving money for a long time, loans are a great way to finance large jewelry purchases. Today, many jewelry stores offer financing and unsecured loans on site, and many banks also are currently offering lines of credit specifically geared towards diamond purchases. Here you will find out what kinds of unsecured loans shall be available to you in the jewelry business.

The first kind of unsecured loan is a revolving account and it works in a fashion that is very similar to a credit card. You will probably get a card that has the store logo and information on it with your account number. You will be able to make minimum monthly payments against the balance of the cost of the purchase over a specified time period. Generally this is around 36 months or 3 years. You may have to put a minimum down payment on the jewelry and you can expect this to be around 10$ of the total cost of the purchase. Put as much down as you can upfront, this will decrease your overall balance from the get go. Here your monthly payments will depend on the amount that is still pending, and how much you put down. Good qualifiers for this kind of loan would be good credit history and limited cash flow. If you think your history may prevent you, you might have to get a co-signer.

Another kind of unsecured credit from a jewelry store is known as a 90 day account. In this option, you pay your balance in full through three equally monthly payments without any interest. A larger down payment might be required, around 20-30% for your first purchase in store. If you establish a good credit history with the store, you may be able to reduce the down payment for future purchases.

Another kind of unsecured loan occurs when a jewelry store partners with a bank to finance your jewelry. This will probably be your best alternative, if your credit history can support it. With this type of unsecured loan, you are going to be getting bank rates and bank policies, instead of retail interest rates which are always much higher. This type of loan will offer better rates, probably no money down or annual fee, and no-prepayment penalties. Further, this line of credit can be reused as you pay it down and you could even opt for a longer term of 5 years.

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